New Song from Forthcoming Album - Harm And The Heart




Listen to Weekend Detention, the new song from my forthcoming album Harm And The Heart


The idea for the themes of this album came in late February 2016. It is an exploration of the hearts response, and by extension our actions, behaviors and feelings, to harm. Harm And The Heart traces a group of disparate characters, some male, some female, criminals, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands as they navigate the places that harm puts them. Sometimes this harm is self inflicted, sometimes it is thrust upon them. 

Inspired by world events and relationships and observations, Harm And The Heart has been a difficult album to write and record. The subject matter, moving from emotional hurt, suicide, crime and violence is presented through the voices and stories of the men and women that move through this world. Sometimes confused, sometimes hopeful and sometimes accepting of the damage that has been caused and the way that they deal with that.

Harm And The Heart, my 5th album, is close to being finished with only lead guitar and backing vocals left to record. This will be completed hopefully somewhere in the next month. The album is being recorded in my home studio and, from idea to near completion, is one of the fastest albums I have recorded.

Sonically it is a departure from my previous records with a more densely textured sound that was built up, mainly on my own, with different approaches and instruments than I have used in the past. Each song captures a mood, an atmosphere that propels the story and character forward.

I am very excited to present a new song from the album. Weekend Detention was inspired years ago when I used to drive past a prison and on Friday nights the people lining up for weekend detention. I had the title for a few years, wrote some lyrics a few years later and there it sat. When I was pulling ideas together for the sorts of songs that might fit on Harm And The Heart I stumbled across the lyric and started building the song up from the acoustic guitar riff.

I hope you enjoy it. 

New Album Comin' Along Just Fine Thank You Very Much...

The new album is rolling along strongly. Sonically it is definitely a departure from previous outings with a denser more textured sound and feel. Acquiring a more produced feel, the work flow this time around is somewhat different to the previous albums with Bruce moving in and out of the process of me tracking most instruments and alone. 

6 songs are close to completion with a little bit more writing needed to land at about 15 songs for about 12 to be included.

Under the working title of Harm and the Heart, this collection of songs explores the harm that we see and feel and how we respond to it. Among the characters of this album are criminals, lost souls and everyday folks who are trying to make their way through a world that keeps tripping them up on there own fallibility.

Below are some photos taken in the studio a couple of weeks ago during a session...

New Albums Under Way

It's busy...a full band album is almost complete to demo stage...very exciting. Work will begin soon on putting together a band and rehearsing for studio sessions.
I am also working on an acoustic project...super excited by this will bring Bruce and I back together working in a brand new way we have never tried before...stay tuned...

2016 - Here We Go!!!!

"Well, hello there

My its been a long, long time"

Whilst it may look like nothing much is going on on the surface, underneath it's frantic. There is lots going on in the studio with a couple of big releases planned for 2016.  Writing an demoing a bunch of new songs and also going back to dig out some songs that we never got around to doing something with.


Live wise The Usual Suspects have had a cracker of a start to the year with a string of great shows, new tunes and fun audiences. I have also started a new live project with Pete Zounis. The acoustic duo show we have happening is really worth a look. It is not just acoustic versions of songs we do together with The Suspects, but rather a chance for us to get into some other genres...blues, country, pop and rock all get a show in...check out the Gigs page to see when you can me performing...

New Album Rolling Along

Recording demo's and recruiting a band are under way for the next album. I love this part of the process, writing and building songs up and playing around with arrangements and instrumentation. A large number of songs are being considered this time around and hopefully I will be able to share with you demo's at different stages of completion to give you a feel for what the next album might sound like. 

Back to the Royal

After a fantastic gig earlier this year at The Royal Hotel in Springwood I will be playing there again on Sunday March 30 at 1pm. Featuring again the huge talents of Col Gentles, this time with Baz Nelson in their awesome outfit The Smokin' Willies, it will be an afternoon of chilled out acoustic tunes. Come along for a great lunch, a quiet ale and some great music...