2016 - Here We Go!!!!

"Well, hello there

My its been a long, long time"

Whilst it may look like nothing much is going on on the surface, underneath it's frantic. There is lots going on in the studio with a couple of big releases planned for 2016.  Writing an demoing a bunch of new songs and also going back to dig out some songs that we never got around to doing something with.


Live wise The Usual Suspects have had a cracker of a start to the year with a string of great shows, new tunes and fun audiences. I have also started a new live project with Pete Zounis. The acoustic duo show we have happening is really worth a look. It is not just acoustic versions of songs we do together with The Suspects, but rather a chance for us to get into some other genres...blues, country, pop and rock all get a show in...check out the Gigs page to see when you can me performing...