New Song from Forthcoming Album - Harm And The Heart




Listen to Weekend Detention, the new song from my forthcoming album Harm And The Heart


The idea for the themes of this album came in late February 2016. It is an exploration of the hearts response, and by extension our actions, behaviors and feelings, to harm. Harm And The Heart traces a group of disparate characters, some male, some female, criminals, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands as they navigate the places that harm puts them. Sometimes this harm is self inflicted, sometimes it is thrust upon them. 

Inspired by world events and relationships and observations, Harm And The Heart has been a difficult album to write and record. The subject matter, moving from emotional hurt, suicide, crime and violence is presented through the voices and stories of the men and women that move through this world. Sometimes confused, sometimes hopeful and sometimes accepting of the damage that has been caused and the way that they deal with that.

Harm And The Heart, my 5th album, is close to being finished with only lead guitar and backing vocals left to record. This will be completed hopefully somewhere in the next month. The album is being recorded in my home studio and, from idea to near completion, is one of the fastest albums I have recorded.

Sonically it is a departure from my previous records with a more densely textured sound that was built up, mainly on my own, with different approaches and instruments than I have used in the past. Each song captures a mood, an atmosphere that propels the story and character forward.

I am very excited to present a new song from the album. Weekend Detention was inspired years ago when I used to drive past a prison and on Friday nights the people lining up for weekend detention. I had the title for a few years, wrote some lyrics a few years later and there it sat. When I was pulling ideas together for the sorts of songs that might fit on Harm And The Heart I stumbled across the lyric and started building the song up from the acoustic guitar riff.

I hope you enjoy it.